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Everything you need to run your business effortlessly. Streamline your business with tailor-made processes to step in and boost efficiency and productivity across the board.

Better Processes for Improved Productivity.

  • Create processes to ease your daily workload.

  • Add jobs to start tracking tasks and managing progress.

  • Build workflows to automate tasks any way you want.

  • Create custom forms in just a few clicks.

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best business process management software

BPM Dashboard

View all information on each job in real-time on the dashboard that offers data at-a glance.

bpm dashboard
filtered views

Filtered Views

Filter job views so you can see all jobs or just the active jobs with filtered views.

real time data

Real Time Data

View up-to-date data any time you access your BPM dashboard for information on all of your created jobs.

job status overview

Job Status Overview

Always know the status of each of your jobs and keep track of progress at all times.

custom categories

Custom Categories

Add categories to jobs for better control of data shown on the dashboard.

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Job Management

Create jobs easily including adding all tasks that go into the process you want to automate. Organize them with categories and due dates to stay on track.

job management
create jobs

Create Jobs

Simply add job name, number of tasks, flow name and due date to create your job.

job information

Job Information

Get a detailed information on all your jobs with just a few clicks. Use that information to track processes to get more done.

filtered views

Filtered Views

Filter to view jobs by flow, status, or to view “My Jobs” section to see what you have on your plate.

job form preview

Job Form Preview

Preview forms associated with your specific job on a slide out so you can see all of the details of each form.

form sharing

Form Sharing

Share forms straight from the jobs tab via email so jobs with forms attached will be accomplished seamlessly.

Find out more about Job Management

Automated Workflows

Create your own business process and receive detailed insight into the current status, details, and how many jobs are associated.

automated workflows
easy workflow creation

Easy workflow creation

Drag and drop nodes to create each workflow effortlessly from start to finish.

search and filter options

Search and filter options

Perform searches and filter flows to view only the ones you need to sift through long lists of workflows with ease.

workflow nodes

Workflow nodes

Choose from a long list of nodes to build customized workflows that work for you.

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Customized Forms

Create your own forms by adding field types or customize fields to suit your needs. Preview form in real-time as you create them for better form creation.

customized forms
form creator

Form creator

Add form fields from the list or customize fields to fit your own needs to create forms with ease.

real-time previews

Real-time Previews

Preview forms as you go to know what it looks like in real-time without toggling back and forth.

custom fields

Custom fields

Create custom form fields, buttons or events to completely customize your forms.

form slide out

Form slide out

Select a form to view the slide out with more detailed information for individual forms.

Find out more about Customized Forms

Advanced Reports

Generate reports on job statistics so you can view and share all of your task progress and report on overall productivity.

advanced reports
graph reports

Graph reports

View your job data at-a-glance with graph reports for all details of your jobs.

job statistics

Job Statistics

Keep statistics for your jobs at the forefront of your mind with job reports.

job totals

Job totals

Keep track of total jobs and durations with reports generated for each.

filtered dates

Filtered dates

Filter your views by week so you can compare data week-by-week and make improvements based on data.

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