BPMN - Business Process Model and Notation

for better workflow management and advanced reporting

Create, simplify, and optimize your organization's workflow charts using bpmn notation in order to maintain all your progresses in a single report as required.

BPMN - Business Process Model and Notation

Simplify Your Daily Activities With BPMN

Forecast changes way in advance to tackle any challenges which might reduce your overall productivity.

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eliminating redundancies

Eliminating Redundancies

Eliminate tasks that are no longer needed or useful. Get hold of end to process optimization with BPMApp and increase your team's productivity.

streamlining workflows

Streamlining Workflows

Simplify your day-to-day operations with the BPMApp, witness significant improvement in operational efficiency and maintain quality work, automate repetitive tasks, strengthen team spirit and enable employees to focus on the essentials of their work.

improving communication

Improving Communication

Streamlined communication saves time, hassle and ensures that every member of various teams communicates seamlessly with one another.

forecasting changes

Forecasting Changes

Forecast required changes and take actions to execute these changes using our advanced BPM tool. Get rid of redundancies, save time and money.

What is BPMN?

Business process modeling provides a way for organizations to work together more effectively by improving the practices of coordinating, analyzing, designing, and implementing business processes. The Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is a standardized diagramming notation that can be used for modeling business processes. This article introduces the notation and defines key terms related to it. It then discusses how it can be used for modeling business processes in an organization. Finally, it presents how the bpmnotation integrates with other software engineering tools such as UML or SysML.

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