Advanced Reports for BPM

to optimize performance

Measure the performance of your main business processes and take appropriate actions to improve your business efficiency in real-time.

Advanced Reports for BPM

Make Smarter Decisions with Actionable Insights from Advanced Reports

Detailed reports — you can track all of your time and expense productivity for your BPMApp software project.

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performance reports

Performance Reports

Get a high-level overview of application performance status by listing the transactions and identify any problematic transactions for further investigation.

track tasks

Track Tasks

Review requests and perform real-time actions in order to create documented requests as per the needs and requirements of your business.

status reports

Status Reports

Get a quick overview of all the tasks being performed in multiple processes with bpm software advanced status reports.

workflow performance report

Workflow Performance Report

Create dynamic and customizable third-party reports in business automation workflow with our highly efficient workflow performance reports.

What are Advanced Reports for BPM Software?

With the help of Advanced Reports, BPM Software can provide their users with a better understanding of their business processes. Advanced Reports are an integral part of BPM Software. They provide excellent tools for process monitoring. They keep the user updated about the status of each process and allow to see how it evolved over time.

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