Business Process Modelling

to visualize the flow of the process

Define and execute your business strategy with BPMApp. Capture and analyze requirements to create process models and visualize with collaborative process modelling software.

Business Process Modelling

Optimize Your Business Process Modelling

Define the activities and interactions within a business process, process modelling makes it easier to understand and manage the actions, identify potential sources of improvement, and ensure that the process is.

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uml diagrams

UML Diagrams

Get insights from UML, a standard modeling language that can be used across different programming languages and development processes.



Get a clear picture of the sequence of tasks to be performed. It is represented as a line with an arrow that determines the flow of the tasks, which might show a conditional or a default flow.

gantt charts

Gantt Charts

Use Gantt Chats to understand the order of tasks or activities, along with the left side and a corresponding bar for each task. The length of the bar represents the duration of the activity.

What is Business Process Modeling?

Business process modelling is a technique used for analyzing the process of a business. The purpose is to find ways that can optimize the processes in order to ensure that they are efficient and effective. Business process modelling software can be seen as a foundational tool in any organization’s change management initiatives. It outlines the current state of the organization, what needs to happen to achieve an objective, and how to measure whether or not an objective has been met.

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