Business Process Modeling Tool

for designing better flows

Simplify your own business process by using BPMApp to design a creative workflows in order to get additional stability for your own business processes.

Business Process Modeling Tool

Tool for Visual Business Process Modeling

Create dynamic process models using our visual process modeler. Create changes and modify business process as and wehn needed.

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business reference model

Business Reference Model

Organize the execution of processes with automated workflows, from start to finish, with complete control over your business processes.

business process integration

Business Process Integration

Define process models using event specifications, sequence and hierarchy, execution logic, and information paths between systems.

business process re-engineering

Business Process Re-engineering

Improve business processes and increase the overall efficiency of the organization with BPMApp. Simplify your tasks and perform detailed analysis.

What is Process Modeling?

Process Modeling is a cornerstone of the Business Process Management (BPM) family. It is an important and integral part of BPM, and it enables organizations to create models of the business processes in their organization, in order to improve them or to change them. Process Modeling is not only about modeling the current processes, but also includes modeling future processes and innovation in order to predict and plan for changes in process in the future.

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