job management

Job Management

For Work Streamlining

All the business process mapping tools you need to create and manage jobs and all tasks and workflows associated with them for more efficiency at work.

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Create and view your jobs effortlessly

Create new jobs in just a few clicks with all of the tasks and workflows necessary to complete them on-time, every time.

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create jobs

Create Jobs

Create new jobs easily by adding the job name, number of tasks associated with the job, flow associated with task and due date.

job information

Job Information

View more information on each job by clicking on them individually. Get detailed overview of job owners, members involved, task done, and much more.

filtered views

Filtered Views

Filter jobs to view “My Jobs” or by flow or status for more targeted views.

job form preview

Job Form Preview

Click on a specific job for a slide out form with more details and an option to preview jobs.

form sharing

Form Sharing

Share forms via email quickly and easily right from the jobs list for better collaboration.

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